Frequently Asked Questions


Are Altima Adhesives products and Integra Adhesives products really the same?

Yes! Altima Adhesives was an Integra brand made exclusively for GranQuartz USA in using the same exact formulas as Integra Surface Bonders in all the same colors. Gran Quartz USA will no longer be carrying the Altima Adhesives line but you can still get the premium quality you rely on with Surface Bonder XI self-coated seaming adhesive, Surface Bonder Zero non-sag seaming adhesives and Surface Bonder Ultra for indoor/outdoor use. For more information, visit or Contact Integra  to place an order.

Can I use my existing equipment for dispensing your adhesives?

Our Adhesives are packaged in 250ml and 500ml cartridge sizes.  We recommend the use of the Altima dispensers.

Will your adhesives work on Engineered Stone, Quartz Surfaces and Granite?

The Altima Stone and Quartz adhesives are designed to work on all Quartz surfacing materials and natural stone.

The colors were developed to match a number of key Quartz brands available in the US market.  The wide range of color options also makes these adhesives an excellent choice for Granite and Natural Stone Fabrication.

Watch the videos or call your Integra Adhesives sales rep for advice on fabrication with your surfacing material.

How strong is your adhesive?

Our adhesives have been tested using industry standardized testing procedures and provide improved performance properties over most OEM adhesives.

What is the expected shelf life?

Properly stored – the adhesive has an estimated shelf life of one year. For best results, we recommend that you use the adhesive within 6 months of production. Elevated temperatures will reduce the shelf life of any adhesive so refrigeration is an acceptable means of storage. For optimum shelf life and performance, store adhesive upright away from direct sunlight in a cool area or fridge. Store between 50-70 F degrees for best results. Refrigerated adhesives may stay fresh for in excess of two years.

What is the cure time for the adhesive?

The open time for our standard adhesive is approximately 10 to 15 minutes at 75F. Handling strength can be estimated at 2X the open time.

How can I get the cross-reference charts?

The charts are available for download and printing in the Color Chart section of the website.